Andrew De Villiers

Film Director & owner Film Vancouver Production Services 

Mieke worked with us on the short film, Ballet of a Lonely Heart, and quickly became the heart of our production. She volunteered to take on more, contributed usefully without being asked, and her attitude was incredibly positive and infectious for our crew, who started off working at 5:30 am in the rain. Simply put, we could not have made the movie without her, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any production who could make use of her many talents.


Film Director & owner Zonepictures

Brendan Taylor

"We had a wonderful experience working with Mieke! Her passion and work ethic is excellent and infectious, and her range in ability to perform dynamic characters is highly impressive. The role she played in our project required a very difficult dichotomy of joy and brightness contrasting with scenes in which her character becomes dark and violent. She managed to take a very difficult role and find honesty and humanity in it that is thrilling to watch. Looking forward to working with Mieke again!"


The International Relationship Guy

Rulys Urrutia

"From the first minute I talked to Mieke in our interview, I knew we'd have a long-lasting business relationship. She has something special... Her charisma, passion, and experience and most importantly the professionalism for her career exceeds any expectations. She is incredible beyond belief. I interviewed more than 200 actors and models and she was the only one who immediately stood out from the crowd."

Elena Ismail

Make-up & Hair Stylist (Canada), 'My Make Up Wonderland'

"Mieke is one of the most beautiful people inside and out that I have had the pleasure of working with in this industry. She is smart and super talented, a great model, bubbly and very inspiring to be around. She is such a pleasure to know and I always look forward to working with her again and again!"


Film Director (Canada), T-Rexmultimedia Productions In.c

Richard Zheng Wang

"Mieke is someone you don't meet every day. Her enthusiasm is infectious; her smile irresistible; her passion is overwhelming. She believes what she does is super important; which makes you question whether you are taking your own job seriously enough. This upward synergistic push to the top will be the highlight of your working relationship with Mieke. By the end, you will realize you've gone further than you ever imagined possible".

Alvaro Perez De Madrid

Film Director (Spain - USA), Producciones Variopinto

"I worked with Mieke for a short dramatic piece. She was perfect for the job. Committed, passionate, and skilled. She proved to be versatile and she takes direction very easily. She drivers what you ask from her. An excellent experience".


Photographer & Film Maker (Canada)

Perry Johnson

"Mieke is an absolute joy to work with! Her bubbly personality is infectious, she possesses that rare gift of outer AND inner beauty, and her emotional range never ceases to amaze. She will prove herself to be an invaluable asset to any production/shoot."

Mel Buenaventura

Photographer (Canada)

"Mieke brings a mix of knowledge and passion to her work. She is full of energy, communicates well, a team player and fun to work with. I highly recommend her professionalism."

Actor, Director, Headmaster of the film school in Madrid (Spain)

Esteban Roel

"Mieke Verhelst has collaborated as an actress, production manager and direction assistant in several extra-school professional projects where she has proven to be a perfectionist and reliable partner. As per our experience with Miss Mieke Verhelst, I completely recommend her as an emerging film acting talent and a great team worker."

Antonio Rodriguez

Awarded Film Director, Photographer (USA), 'Best Acting 2009'

"She is responsible, punctual, and very professional. She contributes with her friendly personality to have good relationships with the whole crew and talent".