Mieke was trained and mentored by Arte4 in Madrid, which at the time was the only actor's studio in Spain offering an education in both theatre and acting on camera. She was discovered by acting agent Sonia Baena during a performance.

In Spain, Mieke was one of the founders of Cine.Forum España, which produced short movies and video clips. She created Cine.Forum España with Film Director Antonio Rodriguez and Movie Maker Chema Perez. 

Mieke was born in Belgium, into a family of professional musicians. Mieke joined her family on stage as a young child, singing and playing the harp. Mieke's beautiful voice was featured in solos with backing chorus and orchestra at the prestigious Palau de Altea Theater.

As as a teenager, Mieke attended theater schools and performed with exciting theater groups such as O.D.I.A., known for the depth and professionalism of their programs. Mieke was the only child actor in the group. She also participated in dynamic theater workshops in Germany and Spain, making good use of her fluency in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Mieke moved from Spain to the very vibrant movie scene of "North Hollywood", Canada at the age of 23. In Vancouver her modeling career took of. Her modeling work being published in FreshlyWORN Magazine, Elegant Magazine and the Fashion Institute while also being displayed at the Photohaus Gallery in Vancouver.

Mieke's acting career continues to progress. At her latest assignment, she acted alongside Mackenzie Gray (Man of Steel) in 'Musings' playing the role of Sophia.

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Mieke is also the Producer of 'Unconventional Models' the book and documentary. Where she shares the inspiring stories of those models who don't fit the strict modeling standards but are booking success anyways with the goal to be part of a change in the industry. 

"As an actor, you become the tool of communication between the character and the viewer. You put away an immense part of yourself giving the character the chance to take over. It becomes a juggling act and a regular transition between two worlds. It's the actor's responsibility to give the character the opportunity to transmit her message and emotions freely."